Insane November Haul

Ok…………….. you guys. Let’s skirt the issue of emptiness and loneliness here and get straight to the haul. I didn’t get anything for a couple of months because I was bored with releases, and I didn’t really put makeup on due to school (and was trying to be a better person and save up for…


Chili is an adventurer. To be alone and to sample the world is a daunting but ultimately exciting venture, and her adventures outside the country translates into her style.


Olivia is an artist.


Kristina is a bitch. Only, not really, but because she is unapologetic, strong, decisive, and direct, people regard her as one.

My Experience with Sephora Philippines

Sephora made its entry into the Philippine shores due to LMVH’s acquisition of Luxola, a cosmetics retailer in Singapore. Thank you, capitalism. Slight.

Brick red.

The Colourpop liquid matte lip (pictured here is Bumble) is my second favorite liquid to matte formula.

Let’s talk about lashes.

So… yeah. About a month ago I got my lashes extended. I got tired of reapplying mascara and having to take it off and dealing with loose strands and panda eyes. Because laziness.